How do I setup my MOGA ACE Power?


Before using your MOGA ACE™ POWER, fully charge it by plugging the included Micro-B cable into the Micro-B charging port on your MOGA ACE POWER controller and the other end to a powered USB input (see figure A here).

To check the charging status of your MOGA ACE POWER controller, press the Battery Status button (see figure B here).

The LED indicators flash according to the battery’s charge level–one LED flashes for 25% charge, two for 50%, three for 75%, and all four to indicate 100% charge.


The MOGA ACE POWER controller is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPod touch (5th generation). Two sets of adapters are included with your MOGA ACE POWER—for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the black adapters should be used (see figure C here). When using your iPod touch (5th generation) with the MOGA ACE POWER, the orange adapters should be inserted. The iPhone 5c fits without any adapters.

  1. Expand your MOGA ACE POWER (see figure 1 here).
  2. Insert the top of your device into the left-hand side of your MOGA ACE POWER (see figure 2 here).
  3. Gently pull your MOGA ACE POWER apart and connect the Lightning™ connector, then gently close your MOGA ACE POWER (see figure 3 here).
  4. Secure your device by sliding the S.M.R.T LOCK™ switch to Lock (see figure 4 here).

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