How do I setup my MOGA Pocket?

Install MOGA Pivot App

  1. Download the MOGA Pivot App from Google Play by visiting or by scanning the QR Code provided below, or on the adjustable MOGA Arm™ of your MOGA Controller (you may need to have a QR Code scanner app installed on your mobile device).
  2. Once the app download is complete, launch the MOGA Pivot Application, you will now be ready to start the guided pairing sequence with your MOGA Controller.

Install Batteries and Turn on MOGA Controller

  1. Insert 2 new (1.5v) AAA alkaline batteries into the two battery compartments on the bottom of your MOGA Controller (see Figure 4 here). Make certain that the Battery Compartment covers are firmly in  place. To turn the controller “ON” or “OFF”, flip up the MOGA Arm™ to find On/Off switch and slide to the appropriate position (see Figure 2 here).
  2. Install your Mobile device. The MOGA Arm™ extends to hold devices up to 3.2 in./82mm firmly during gameplay.
  3. The first time you power your MOGA “ON” you will be in “Pairing” mode, which is indicated by a Flashing Blue LED.

Pair MOGA with Mobile Device

With the MOGA Powered “ON,” and the Pivot App launched, the Pivot App will take you step by step through the entire pairing procedure.

If your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned “OFF” the MOGA app will request to turn your device’s Bluetooth “ON”. Pairing mode lasts for up to 180 seconds, after which MOGA enters a “sleep mode” to save energy. To re-enter pairing mode hold the PowerA button for 3 seconds, or slide the main power switch to “OFF” and then back to “ON”.

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