How do I setup my MOGA Pro?

Fully Charge Battery

  1. The MOGA Pro™ Controller features a built-in rechargeable battery. To charge your MOGA Pro, use the included USB Charging Cable.
  2. Connect one end of the cable to your MOGA Pro, and connect the other end to any powered USB input. A flashing Yellow LED indicates that charging is in process. When the MOGA Pro is fully charged the LED will turn off.

Install MOGA Pivot AppTM

The MOGA Pivot App must be downloaded prior to gameplay. Download the MOGA Pivot App from Google Play by visiting or by scanning the QR Code provided below, or located on the sticker attached to the adjustable MOGA Arm™ of your MOGA Pro Controller (you may need to have a QR Code scanner app installed on your mobile device).

Pair MOGA Pro with Mobile Device

Pairing is a one-time process enabling your device to identify and sync with the MOGA Pro controller during each gameplay session.

  1. Attach and turn on your smartphone or set-up your tablet with the included stand. The MOGA Arm™ extends to hold smartphones up to 3.2 in./82mm firmly during gameplay.
  2. Locate the Power Switch and slide the switch to “A”, the Power indicator will illuminate green, indicating your MOGA Pro is on.
  3. Launch the MOGA Pivot App on your device. The MOGA Pivot App will then provide step by step instructions for the pairing process.

The 3-Way Sliding Power Switch allows you to turn your MOGA Pro off and switch between gameplay modes. This ensures that you receive the best experience possible for different types of software.

If your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned off, the MOGA Pivot App will request to turn on your device’s Bluetooth. Pairing mode is indicated by a flashing blue LED and lasts for up to 180 seconds, after which MOGA enters a “sleep mode” to conserve battery life. To reenter pairing mode, hold the PowerA button for 3 seconds, or slide the Power Switch to “OFF” and then back to “A”.

Play MOGA Enhanced Games

Now that your controller is paired, you are ready to play MOGA Enhanced Games and discover them with the MOGA Pivot App!

  1. Select the Controller Icon to see your available library of MOGA Enhanced Games. This list will be populated with existing games from your device that are MOGA Enhanced, as well as new games that you download or purchase.
  2. Scroll through the available library of games and select the one you want to play. Once selected, the game will launch.
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