I just purchased my controller for Android, how do I play games?

The MOGA Pivot App must be downloaded prior to gameplay. Download the MOGA Pivot App from Google Play here, and then sync your Android device with your controller.  Instructions for this process can be found here.

Now you're ready to select a game to play!

Open the MOGA Pivot App, select the controller icon located in the top left corner of the Pivot App to view your library of games, and then select the game you want to play. Previously purchased games that have become enhanced for MOGA will appear here.

If you do not have any MOGA Enhanced Games, enter the “Shop” section (shopping bag icon) to view all MOGA Enhanced Games available for purchase. Select the game you wish to purchase and follow the instructions to download the game to your device. Once download is complete, find the game in your library of games (controller icon) and select the game to begin play.

Games in your library with a green double arrow next to them are compatible with your controller's A mode only.  Games accompanied by a double orange arrow will only work in B Mode.

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