How do I connect my controller to my Android device?

If you are already in the MOGA Pivot App:

  1. Locate and select the gear icon in the top right corner to enter the MOGA Settings Menu.
  2. Choose the “Add/Manage Controllers” option in the MOGA settings menu.
  4. You will then be brought back to the MOGA controller selection screen. Select the appropriate MOGA controller and follow the on screen setup guide.

If you’re not in the MOGA Pivot App (on the devices menu or in another app):

  1. Launch the Pivot app from the device.
  2. This will start the normal syncing steps. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Pivot to connect the MOGA Controller to your device.
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    this is no help. I have followed these steps several times and still wont connect to my device.

  • Avatar
    Heather Burke

    Same here. Not helpful at all. What's wrong with this remote?

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    I noticed u need good name brand batteries and it used like 3 pairs of good batteries to connected it but then after it connects works very well so I would try multiple time connecting with different batteries

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    Danielle Latvis

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 4.2.2 and I am have the same results with the Moga Pocker controller. My bluetooth is on on my device and I have the Pivot App. settings set. both should Sync, yet they don't. So now what? Is there a tech. that we can talk to to resolve our issues. The # that I called just tells me to go on line and that is how I got here. Which is nowhere on the issue!!!!

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    Fox Hound

    My MOGA never connects!!!!!!! It always crashes on Step 3 : Connecting, what the hell??????

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