My device can't locate my MOGA Pocket controller to pair.

In order for MOGA Pocket to connect to the device, Bluetooth must be turned on. If not already done, please go into your device’s settings and turn on Bluetooth or turn on Bluetooth when the MOGA Pivot App prompts you to do so.

Please make sure the MOGA Pocket Controller is powered on. If not, please refer to this article.

Move away from, or temporarily power off, all other Bluetooth devices.

Other Bluetooth devices may be interfering with the device locating the MOGA.

If the device is still not showing “MOGA” or “BD&A” when pairing, you will need to try to manually locate MOGA on the device.

  1. Exit the Pivot App and go to the device’s settings menu.
  2. Locate and select “Bluetooth Settings” (commonly found under “Wireless and Networks” menu).
  3. Select “Scan for devices” (This is not obvious on some devices. Some devices have a menu in Bluetooth settings that looks like 3 dots. Tap on the 3 dots to see if this option is there.)
  4. When your device finishes scanning, select either “MOGA” or “BD&A” from the list of found devices. (You may need to scan multiple times for it to appear.)
  5. Once paired, return to the MOGA Pivot App and follow the on screen instructions.


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