My MOGA Pocket will not power on, the blue light is not blinking.

1. Verify the power switch is switched on. The power switch should be pushed to the right. You should see a blue flashing light next to the PowerA button and a green light on the bottom right of the controller.

2. If there is still no power, remove and reinsert the batteries to make sure they are fully inserted and positioned correctly. Correct battery orientation can be found inside the battery compartment.

3. If there is still no power, try a fresh set of AAA batteries.

4. If there are fresh batteries and the controller is switched on, the controller may have entered standby mode. Press and hold the PowerA button for 3 seconds and release or switch the power toggle off and back on (both methods have the same effect).

NOTE: The blue light only blinks when the MOGA Pocket controller is attempting to sync to your Android smartphone or tablet.

If after all of the above has been tried and the MOGA Pocket still has no power, please contact MOGA customer support here.

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