How can I pair different MOGA controller types to one device?

  1. When you launch Pivot for the first time you will be given an option for you to select what type of MOGA controller you have. You can select any one to start. Tap on the image of the MOGA controller you want to pair first to start the pairing process.
  2. Follow the on screen instructions that are shown for that controller. If there are any issues during the pairing process please refer to this article.
  3. Once paired you will be taken into Pivot. Turn off the MOGA controller that is already connected to your device, and then select the GEAR icon in the top right hand corner of the Pivot app.
  4. Select the “Add/Manage Controllers” button, you should see the MOGA controller that was just paired.
  5. Select the “ADD A NEW CONTROLLER” option listed below the already paired controller.
If the previous controller is still powered on, you will not be able to add another controller until it is powered off and Pivot no longer sees it. You will receive a message saying: “MOGA Already Connected: Turn off connected MOGA and allow to disconnect before starting a new sync”. Tap OK on this message screen, then power off the already connected controller and wait for it to disconnect from Pivot. Once the controller is off and no longer showing as connected select “ADD A NEW CONTROLLER” again.

You will now be presented with the same “Select Your MOGA” screen as when you first started. This time select the other MOGA controller you have and follow the onscreen setup guide. If you experience any issues while pairing the MOGA Pocket please refer to this article.

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