My controller is connected and charged, but doesn't seem to be working.

You will need to be in the MOGA Pivot App to do this. Launch the Pivot App and go to the main screen. You may need to select “SKIP” from the initial screens and then pick “Continue to Pivot” when prompted.

To troubleshoot this issue, we're going to disconnect your device from your controller and then connect it once again.

  1. Once at the main Pivot screen, select the gear icon from the top right corner and then select “Add/Manage Controllers” from the MOGA Settings Menu. This will show all currently synced MOGA controllers and the option to add another controller.
  2. Locate the controller you wish to remove. Under the controller you will see 2 options: A and B. To fully unpair the existing MOGA controller choose unsync next to A, and then choose Unsync when you are asked if you are sure you want to unsync. Once A mode has been unsynced, select Unsync next to B, and select Unsync when you are asked if you are sure. Once both A and B are unsynced MOGA Pro 1 will no longer be visible.
  3. Now that the MOGA Controller has been unsynced, tap the “ADD A NEW CONTROLLER” button.
  4. Select the image of the controller that you want to pair and follow the onscreen setup guide.
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