My controller will not power on, the blue lights are not blinking.

This article refers to all of our Android devices, aside from the MOGA Pocket.  For help with the MOGA Pocket, please click here.

  1. Verify the power switch is switched either to A mode or B mode. You should see 4 blue flashing  lights on the right and a green light on the left of the controller if in A mode or an orange light if in B mode.
  2. If there is still no power, press and hold the battery button (located on the left) for 3 seconds and release or switch the power toggle off and back on to either A or B mode (both methods have the same effect). NOTE: The blue lights only blinks when the controller is attempting to sync to your Android device.
  3. If there is still no power this could mean that your controller has a dead battery. Please use the included USB charging cable to charge the controller. Please make sure that when charging you have plugged the charge cable in to the Micro USB port on the bottom of the controller and not the MOGA BOOST port on the top. When plugged into power the Power Indicator on the left side of the controller will flash. When the flashing has stopped the controller is fully charged. Once fully charged try powering on your controller to either A or B mode again.

If after all of the above has been tried and your controller still has no power, please contact MOGA customer support by clicking here.

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